About Us

At Loans 4 SME, we are passionate about helping companies grow by getting them the right capital at the right time. We believe that every credit worthy project can find lenders to back it up. But we know that SMEs don't often know where to look for those lenders. And Lenders often don't have time to figure out the creditworthiness of the hundreds of companies who come to them. And nobody wants to deal with all the paperwork.

That's where we come in. Our two founders have taken all of their 30+ years of combined lending experience to credit an algorithm that assesses credit quality quickly and effectively. Not only do we match the right Lenders with the right SMEs, we make the experience completely seamless. From discovering the sectors and the companies you are interested in on our platform, to completing the documentation and all the way to getting repayments back on time, Loans 4 SME effortlessly handles the process for you.

Our Management Team

Simmi Sareen has 18 years of experience in credit and lending. She's worked with banks, a credit rating agency, global investment banks and a pioneering venture debt fund. With a career focused entirely on SME financing, she is uniquely placed to understand the needs of both the Lenders and SMEs. Simmi is a chartered accountant with a Masters degree from London Business School.

Balawant Joshi has 25 years of experience in energy, infrastructure and utilities sectors. He is the founder and CEO of Idam Infrastructure Advisory, founder of Indian Renewable Energy Federation and a member of the governing council of Indian Wind Energy Association. Balawant has been involved in design and development of key energy policies in India. He is an electrical engineer with post graduation in both finance and software technology.